3/12 – Day 16
One zero day is ok, but two is not as fun. You get complacent and its harder to hit the trail…your pack is exploded all over the room, pizza boxes with pieces of crust stacked precariously on top of the 19″ color tv (at least it’s color). There is really nothing to do in town unless you like to drink so your day is pretty much reduced to watching movies in your room. My vertigo is better but still not 100% but I’m headed to Nantahala Outdoor Center tomorrow, my next stop for restocking…should take me 2.5 days to get there. From there it’s 3 days to Fontana Dam my last restock before the smokies.

On another note, I ran into the girl I saw on the approach trail carrying the Gnome on her pack and got to sign it (her name is Sugar Gnome). Got a call from Foodwalker up on the trail, they were checking up on me to see how I was feeling. Heart Rock came walking up while I was outside and met Wetdog who was dehydrated on the approach trail and rescued by Foodwalker and Tracey McG.

Time to get back on the trail