If you remember my first post, I wrote about how I came up with the name for my blog. Inspired by how my dog relentlessly pursued his ball (and everything else) and how I wanted to be able to pursue God the same way. Sadly, my companion of 10 years, this big pawed goofy dog passed away today.

I’m amazed at how many people are posting comments and pictures of him on Facebook. Some pics I didn’t even know about! Apparently, the big goofball had a life of his own and he is going to be missed.

He is buried at a friend’s place where he was staying while I prepared for my hike. Just a few feet from his final resting place are the goats he loved to chase as much as he loved chasing squirrels (I think he actually might have had a chance to catch one or two of the goats). As we were laying him to rest one of the goats walked over and gave him a sniff goodbye. You can see the goat in the background of the picture.

Good by Paco Junior (PJ) my old friend, you will be sorely missed and you were well loved by many! I hope you are surrounded by lots of water, many a squirrel, a goat or two and of course all the fuzzy yellow balls your heart desires!