Well it’s 2013 and my adventure is approaching quickly! The idea is set in my mind, I feel led to taking this time off and letting God guide me through. I have been doing a lot of gear research, purchasing and reviewing. Unfortunately, I have not been able to test as much gear as I like since I took a contracting job right after Thanksgiving (got to earn the bucks when I can). I’m hoping to get a few weekend trips in before I go.

I will publish a gear list once it is completed and I’m sure I will be switching it up on the trail…I’m planning on carrying some extra winter gear since I will be 2 weeks further into winter on my start date then most thru hikers. It’s basically a “better to have and not need, then need and not have” situation. I’m hoping to shed this gear by April (I’m starting the last week of February).

My early departure will allow for more solitude and let me take slower days (10 miles per day) but it will also allow for more severe weather and colder temperatures! If the weather gets too bad I can always drop into a town a take a few days to let it pass.

I plan on posting more frequently as I have more stuff to write…