Why the name “Fuzzy Yellow Ball”

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I have a dog, he’s 10 years old now and the best dog I ever had. He is a cross between a Yellow Lab, a Golden Retriever and possibly some Great Dane…maybe a little Klingon…his name is PJ.

PJ has one single love in life and in pursuit of this love he will ignore everything else…food, water, treats they all just become distractions!

What is his one love? To fetch, never-ending, a fuzzy yellow ball. He can out run a pack of his fellow canine to reach the ball, he will launch himself off a dock, soaring into the water to reach this ball, he will even jump off a 15 foot ledge or waterfall to reach this ball!

He loves this ball, it comes before anything else in his life…

I wish I could pursue God the same way that PJ pursues that Fuzzy Yellow Ball…



Hello world!

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